Circulator Boot therapy

          The Circulator Boot is a device that compresses the leg in synchrony with a person’s heartbeat. The boot can be used to treat a number of medical conditions, including claudication (cramping leg pain when walking) and foot and leg ulcers.
          The person is connected to a heart monitor to synchronize the compression phase of the boot’s inflatable bag with the diastolic phase of the heartbeat (when the heart is in its relaxed state). The boot compresses the leg to move the blood through the leg. Typically, the therapy is given as a series of daily treatments of about 45 minutes each.

          Circulator Boot Therapy is a revolutionary treatment option for both diabetics and non-diabetics that can prevent amputations of the lower extremities, even in advanced cases where surgery has already been scheduled.
As well as providing an immediate boost to arterial and venous circulation, the procedure can also slowly break down clots. It increases the breakdown of plaque within the arteries by the release of nitric oxide oxygen and nourishment increase. You will see swelling and pain subside with the first few sessions. As circulation is restored with each further session, the body can begin to heal itself.
          Circulation Boot Therapy is an excellent method for treating and correcting circulation problems such as diabetic ulcers and venous insufficiency.
          Many amputations begin with a small injury to the foot, leg, or toe, especially in the case of diabetics. Proper treatment, such as Circulator Boot Therapy, can prevent what may ultimately lead to infections and gangrene and end with an amputation and often a myriad of lifelong medical complications.

Circulator Boot FAQ

Q: How does the Circulator Boot work?

A: The Circular Boot uses air pressure to provide a continuous series of gentle, short-duration compression pulses over the course of a 45-minute in-office session. The main reason that the system works so well is that a cardiac monitor attached to the patient’s chest controls the timing of the compressions.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: The procedure requires a 45-minute in-office session.

Q: What are some benefits of the procedure?

A: The beneficial effects of Circulator Boot Therapy include: improved blood flow, the formation of new blood vessels, and the dissemination of antibiotics into the foot.

Q: Is this a standalone treatment?

A: No. Circulator Boot Therapy is a complementary treatment that offers only positive effects on other potential forms of treatment.

Q: Is Circulator Boot Therapy covered by insurance?

A: The treatment is cost-effective, but not covered by medical insurance.

Q: Is the procedure FDA-approved?

A: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the Circulator Boot for treating claudication, foot and leg ulcers, and emerging gangrene.

Q: Where can I learn more?

A: If you live near the Treasure Coast and would like to know more about this revolutionary treatment, please click on the link below for our contact information.

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